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Celebrating Sixty Years...and Counting

“The question often asked is FCA as needed or relevant today as it was back then, and I would say more so. FCA is God’s amazing, miraculous dream being fulfilled still to this day.”Don McClanen, FCA FounderThis year, 2014, marks the 60th anniversary of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Join us in cel-ebrating six decades of FCA’s influence, impact and legacy for Jesus Christ and praising God for the many blessings. As our founder Don McClanen said, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is “God’s amazing, miraculous dream being fulfilled still to this day.” We believe as God fulfills His plans, FCA is needed as much, if not more so, today as it was in 1954. We have more to do to fulfill our vision to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. Come join us in helping a sports-crazed generation find the real meaning of victory—in Jesus Christ.

“One generation will declare Your works to the next and will proclaim Your mighty acts.”Psalm 145:4 HCSB